“Our hearts are broken, but not our spirits.” 

While the physical structure that housed the UK Research and Education Center is gone, our people are safe following the devastating tornado outbreak in Western Kentucky.

Kentucky Tornado Resources

Please visit Kentucky Tornado Resources at http://www.ca.uky.edu/tornadoresources for information on getting involved, donating goods and donating to relief funds, as well as livestock information and environmental concerns.  


The vision of the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center is to be recognized at the local, state and national level for excellence in agricultural research, education, leadership and service to the Commonwealth.

The University of Kentucky Research and Education Center is fundamentally interdisciplinary, applying the biological and social sciences to challenges in agricultural, food and environmental systems. Our scholarship encompasses human and natural resources and their interaction.

UKREC holds a unique position as part of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station and the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service and remains dedicated to sustaining the heritage of impact and achievement by these great institutions and the rapidly changing issues and challenges associated with them.

As part of the University of Kentucky we:

  • Facilitate life-long learning, informed by scholarship and research.
  • Expand knowledge through creative research and discovery.
  • Serve Kentucky communities by disseminating, sharing and applying knowledge.